Software Developer for Grassroot

Application Date: Friday, 5 June 2015

Location: Johannesburg

Job Category:


JOB DESCRIPTION: SOFTWARE DEVELOPER GrassRoot is a start-up whose vision is a nation self-organizing from the ground up. Our mission is to create mobile-phoned based solutions for men and women who seek to organize their neighbours in low-income communities in South Africa. In doing so we hope to give new life to the Freedom Charter’s first and foremost demand: The People Shall Govern. Our founding team consists of senior software engineers, client principals and finance and development experts, with track records at ThoughtWorks, MultiChoice, Deloitte, McKinsey & Company and the World Bank. We have been conducting research and product definition for the last six months and are now beginning development. We are committed to user-centric design, building and iterating rapidly in the field. We are now seeking a skilled, capable and motivated young developer to join us. They will work directly with the CEO and be mentored by all the directors. The developer will have to deliver in a quickly changing, early stage startup environment, working in low income communities with non-technical teammates. They will need to learn fast and get things done under conditions of little hand-holding and high-quality mentorship. Minimum Qualifications 1. Proficiency in Java and Spring. 2. Familiarity with Git or another version control system. 3. FamiliaritywithAgilemethodology. 4. Fluency in at least one Nguni or Sotho-Tswana language. Preferred Qualifications 1. Proficiency in Python, database design and SQL. 2. Track record of contributions to open source or other online projects, and/or entering coding competitions. 3. Proficiency in a language from each of the Nguni and Sotho-Tswana families. Application Process Applicants should submit a CV and links to contributions and competitions (where available) to Applications close on June 5, 2015. Shortlisted applicants will then be set a coding challenge and invited to a final interview. The selected candidate will be expected to start by mid-June.