Women in Tech Breakfast featuring Yashoda Ram of Pineapple

When: 1 March 2019 from 9:00 a.m.

Where: JoziHub

Join us for our first Women in Tech breakfast of the year, our event to highlight, engage and inspire women in tech. We are excited to have Yashoda Ram from Pineapple as our keynote speaker for the morning. Yashoda is an Extroverted Acctuary with a keen interest in Behavioral Economics, Big Data, Tech and Cars. Pineapple is a Google launchpad company that has shaken the insurance industry making it easy and quick to ensure portable devises, sports equipment, camera gear, jewellery & watches, drones, home appliances, gaming gear, furniture etc moving in to car insurance soon. Websites for more more information: https://www.pineapple.co.za NB: The ticket price is free but please bring along some cash for coffees, teas and pastries available for sale. We accept Snapscan and cash. More info here http://qkt.io/1Axeo9

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