Vuka Joe! How Not To Start A Business

When: 3 March 2018 from 10:00 a.m.

Where: JoziHub

The first step is always is the most difficult but as you keep on walking things don't become easy, you become stronger and wiser and you learn how to overcome obstacles. To all aspiring entrepreneurs, on this day Xolani Waxx Sedibe will be sharing his story and lessons on entrepreneurship and giving practical advice on "How not to start a business". We want to help you start right because we believe that entrepreneurship is the only practical career for millennials but most don't know how to start. Here's what you can expect from attending the event: Good Music & a calming atmosphere by DWYL Music(We're about the vibes) Networking with like-minded individuals(Potential Business Partner) Insight & Knowledge from Start Up Academy Screening of "Love" a Web series by Outre Productions produced by Zigi Ndlhovu & written by Gcina Dibi Food, Snacks & Drinks for sale @ 44 Stanley We're looking forward to meet you More info here https://www.eventbrite.com/e/vuka-joe-how-not-to-start-a-business-tickets-43286333589

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