Legalhub lessons: The Big 5 policies for all websites

When: 12 October 2017 from 9:30 a.m.

Where: Jozihub

A website is a platform to the world, where any performer can exhibit their best or worst behaviours. Except that you, as website owner, are entirely responsible for what happens when that person "gets on stage" and uses your site for their actions. Having comprehensive Policies on your website ensures that before they can log on and use it as desired, users understand the exact rights and duties associated with being given that opportunity. Whether its protecting your site's intellectual property, limiting your liability for internet crimes actioned through your site, or even just laying out your mandatory site information, website policies are essential for ANY website in SA, especially in light of the pending new data protection laws. Policies are essential to espouse lawfulness to the authorities, and essential to represent reliability and professionalism to your users. Due to popular request, we are bringing back our free Legal/Hub Lessons workshop on understanding the essential "Big 5" website policies, where you have the chance to find out more about how they effect your online operations, through interesting topic discussion and a dedicated Q&A session. More info here http://qkt.io/bLfaDd

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