Ladies that UX Johannesburg

When: 25 October 2018 from 5:30 p.m.

Where: JoziHub

Ladies that UX Johannesburg Ladies that UX Johannesburg aims to create a space for women in UX, IT and design-related field to build professional relationships with one another. Through teaching, engaging and talking about experiences, we hope to provide women with the chance to support each other, push the UX boundaries, and promote female empowerment, skill and talent. The LTUX JHB Portfolio Building Series This event will be the third part of our portfolio building series in which Ladies that UX Johannesburg has taken on The Market Theatre as a client. What does this mean? Well, it means we have been doing real work, real research and finding real solutions for a REAL client. So, with all this work having been done, we are ready o close off this series by looking at the skills needed to put together a convincing and effective pitch for your clients. Please note: You do not need to have attended the previous session of this series to attend. We do recaps and hand out information packs that will fill you in on everything you need to know. What’s happened in the series so far? During our first session of the series we identified a business strategy to help improve the experience and increase ticket sales for the Market theatre. The second phase focused on conducting research to help improve the experience from the audiences’ perspective. The third, and most recent session, was used to combine the business strategy needs with the audience research. We used several ideation techniques to find the best possible solution for the various problems identified. What to expect next? During this month’s event, we will be focusing on how to present all of the identified business needs, research, ideation and solutions to your client. As you may have noticed, getting clients to buy-in to and respect qualitative research and brainstormed solutions can be quite a challenge. Camrin Roberts, Service Design Lead, will be sharing her thoughts on how to engage with clients to get your ideas taken seriously. Some of the key questions that we will be looking at will include: · Who from your team should be present in the room? · Who should present? · What information should be included? · What happens if your meeting agenda gets derailed? · Do different client types have different expectations / methods that they respond to? · How do you get them to take you seriously? · How do you handle criticism? Our workshop will then focus on using Camrin’s tips to put together a proposal for previously identified solutions. Each group will also receive personal feedback from Camrin on how to improve and continue to improve their client service skills. Who is Camrin Roberts? With a foundation in Law and Masters in Business Management, Camrin is a creative and analytical problem solver, bringing together human-centered design, business strategy and ethnographic research, to solve holistic challenges. Camrin is passionate about learning, advocating for users, synthesizing data in meaningful ways and creating impactful services. More info here https://www.meetup.com/Ladies-that-UX-Johannesburg

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