When: 9 March 2017 from 6:00 p.m.

Where: Jozihub

Thanks to lots of tech conferences back to back in February, we skipped our last biweekly meetup to work on #HackTheConstitution, so we've got a bit of catching up to do. 

There's news to share about school linkups for the prototype and work to be done cleaning up the HTML of the text imports.

But most important is the work the awesome Denver has done on the all important annotation engine, without which we are literally nothing.  

If any of that made sense, you know all about #HackTheConstitution and should join us on Wednesday. If it didn't then come along and find out why this is the most super-exciting access-to-law hack around, and how you can help make it even better. 

And even if that still doesn't make sense, come anyway. Hacks/Hackers is a unique group of volunteers from journalism, creative and technical backgrounds who come together every couple of weeks or so to look at ways to harness the internet to find and tell stories in better ways. We do data, writing, infographs and more. Find out how you can get involved at this meet up.

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