Developer circles johannesburg

When: 28 September 2017 from 6:30 p.m.

Where: Jozihub

Earlier this year at F8, Facebook announced Developer Circles from Facebook, a new program for developers all over the world to connect, learn, and collaborate with other local developers. So, join other curious developers for some food, drink, and conversation at Joburg's first one: The React Fest. React.js is spreading like wildfire - it's now the most ★'ed JS repo on github. In fact, you're literally running React right now. If you don't know about it, you should probably find out. If you do know about it, you should probably find out more. React.js spun out of facebook's own need to build complex interfaces quickly, robustly, and without going insane. We'll cover a lot in 3 talks: 1. React Intro ************* What did react.js do differently to leapfrog its predecessors? What is "The React Way"? How does React actually work in the browser? How do you get started with it? The first talk will be a useful primer to get you talking about and thinking in React.js. 2. React Native *************** Building apps can be a huge pain. If you write them natively, it's a headache to do so for multiple platforms. If you cheat by using a hybrid app, it just doesn't feel quite right, and your users will know. While Write Once, Run Everywhere might be unattainable, Learn Once, Write Everywhere, certainly is. If goldilocks were an app framework, she would probably be React Native - it strikes the perfect balance. Having put React Native to good use himself, Ryan will take you all the way through. Read more about Ryan here: http://txti.es/478nr 3. React Inside a Startup *********************** In 2014, react.js was very much in beta. And, Kandua very much didn't exist. This talk will take you through how Kandua used react to propel itself into becoming SA's best startup in 2016, onto the airwaves of primetime radio, and into the homes of its many users. Kandua has done a lot with react. Some of it, quite elegant - like A/B testing via swapping out react components, and using it for server side rendering to rank on search engines. Some of it, quite the opposite - like mixing React with jQuery, and having parents interfere too much with their children (never a good thing). Arjun will air it all, in the hopes that you'll take something from it. Read more about Arjun here: http://txti.es/8uau5 Networking

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